Olive oil is a great gift of nature to humans. It is the basic component  of Mediterranean diet and especially of the Cretan diet and it has been related for thousands of years with the longevity, prevention and treatment of various diseases . Moreover, it has strongly built the unique identity and taste of Greek cuisine.

Although fossilized olive leaves found on the Greek islands of the Aegean are said to be 50-60,000 years old, the systematic cultivation of olive trees seems it had begun in Crete in Neolithic times. In the area of Sitia, at the east edge of Crete island, bonds with olive tree cultivation run deep, indeed. The special microclimate of the region with extended sunshine, as well as the rich ground and the abundance of high quality water have made Sitia olive oil very famous and the region is proud to produce one of the best olive oils in the world with continuous awards and distinctions worldwide. Moreover, Sitia Extra Virgin Olive Oil  has been characterized as Protected Designation of Origin due to its unique attributes and qualities.

We are very lucky that we discovered Dafni, a very small and picturesque village up to the Sitia mountains with a clear Mediterranean identity and a history deep rooted to the Minoan times. Only 64 people live there and all of them work just with their olive groves. It is like a blessed place, a small of nature’s miracles. High altitude, ground rich in trace elements, water springs, always healthy trees only with natural treatments and a lot of personal care. We have selected the olive trees and the estates which we exclusively harvest .Harvest is done by hand while fruit exactly on the right time, while grinding takes place just a few hours after harvesting through cold extraction in modern equipment.

We keep this extra virgin olive oil treasure in our own stainless steel tank, unfiltered, in order to protect its extra virginity and naturalness. We bottle it with the help of machinery of the latest technology answering all the safety and hygiene requirements of today and we finalize all the labelling details by hand one by one.

We offer it in a packaging that this product deserves: top quality glass bottle, screen printed graphics which narrate its story, wooden cap and pourer to help its use and a lot of care and love up to the last detail.

“Stories of Greek Origins” Extra Virgin olive oil Sitia Lasithi Crete PDO, is a superior quality EVOO, of extremely low acidity (0,21 during production) with untouched all its extra virgin and quality characteristics. It comes in limited quantities, it is fresh , aromatic, with bright golden green color, medium fruity flavor and mild aftertaste, a real gastronomic and valuable pleasure.

Discover the story….enjoy the taste experience…

Price: €23.00

In Greece, there are about 132 million olive trees which consist the 60% of total Greek agriculture land. This makes the country the 3rd largest olive oil producing country in the world, with a production of 350.000 tones of olive oil. 80% of this quantity is officially characterized Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The olive mills that have been found by archeologists prove that Greek people, had acquired the knowledge to cultivate and harvest olive trees , as well as to process their fruits in order to produce olive oil.

The olive tree according to the myth was created by Goddess Athina, who gifted  to the Athenian people the “first olive tree of the world”, by thrusting her spear under the Acropolis.This olive tree was used for feeding, lighting heating, health and beauty  in Ancient Athens. The next olive trees around became a strong symbol  of the city and were protected by law.

Olive oil then was used for cleansing and beauty purposes. Its usage as a medical treatment had started since 4.000 b.C. Aristotles studied the olive tree in a more scientific way. Solon, was the first to legislate about its protection. Homer, referred to it as the “golden liquid”. And Hyppocrates the father of Medicine describes it as “the perfect treatment”.

In those days, Greeks had recognized the therapeutic values of olive oil and were using it to treat various health problems as well as in their diet (1-2 spoonfuls every morning) due to the known high nutritious properties.

Nowadays, the positive effects of olive oil consumption are backed by lengthy scientific research and are related with the most actions of the human body.

Olive oil is the greatest exponent of monounsaturated fats and has high concentration of anti-oxidant substances which are beneficial to our health, by reducing bad blood cholesterol and preventing heart diseases.

It is essential for a healthy digestive system  and for the dietary treatment of diabetes.  It is also believed that it has a favorable effect on the development of the central nervous and vascular system, in brain development as well as normal child development. Moreover, studies start to prove its role in protection against some kinds of cancer.

Rich in vitamin A, B, C, D and E olive oil is extremely good for skin treatments,acting against wrinkles,dry skin and other signs of ageing.

Especially, extra virgin olive oil contains the highest levels of antioxidants, particularly vitamin E and phenols, since it is the least processed.

EVOO is the most digestible of the edible fats and helps to assimilate vitamins A, D and K, contains essential acids that cannot be produced by our own body, slows down the ageing process and helps bile, liver and intestinal functions, so it is truly considered a "treasure" for our health.

The town of Sitia dominates the gulf and is a calm refuge for the thousands of Greek and foreign people who use it as the starting point for  visiting the 45 villages around, to experience the world famous Cretan hospitality and to discover that every corner hides a historical treasure that verifies the cultural values and traditions of this place.

The newer history of the town after the earthquakes of 1508, is stamped with the dominations of Venetians and Byzantines and  shows clearly its strategic  importance, since it was a major commercial port for East and Africa. Still, the fortresses built by Venetians remind these moments of the past.

Sitia region may be one of the few places on earth where nature and myth have been so beautifully mingled. The preservation of the ancient traditions in the hearts of the people is due to the Minoan culture and its relation to nature. Its physiography and climate help in the development of a special flora and fauna. The small and large gorges, the 300 strange stone shaped caves which evidence of human habitation before Minoans as well as the sandy beaches complete a perfect puzzle of beauty and culture.

Dafni is one of the 45 villages of Sitia area. Its name means “laurel”  which is the other symbolic tree in Greece, apart the olive tree. It is situated 28km far from  Sitia town up to 800 meters high , in the middle of the island. It has many natural water springs with cold water throughout the year and a long history. The very few inhabitants (64), work with their valuable olive trees. It is a magical landscape- like fallen from the sky-  with a marvellous sunlight colouring silver green the olive leaves, cold weather and warm and friendly people.

Details Premium EVOO Sitia Lasithi Crete PDO.
Cultivar Koroneiki
Harvest By hand (November- December 2016) from Exclusive Estates in Dafni , Sitia, Crete - Unfiltered.
Quality attributes during production Acidity: 0,19%- Peroxide Value: 8,20 meq o2/kg – Ultraviolet absorption: K232:1,467 – K270: 0,101 – ΔΚ:-0,002
Organoleptic Characteristics Fruity, spicy, fresh with mild aftertaste. Fruityness: 4,8 - Pungent: 3,8 - Bitter: 3,1
Packaging Luxury glass bottle of 500ml, screen printed, with a wooden cap. Available also in luxury glass bottle of 100ml and 200ml. Also in elegant metal tins of 500ml and 1 lt
Functionality tip Pourer inside
Expiry Date Within 18 months after bottling it keeps its original aroma and taste.Once opened it is best when it is used within 6 months.
Storage Heat, light and air can affect the quality attributes of Olive oil, so please store it in a dark, cool place to enjoy its exceptional qualities until the last drop.
Usage Pour over to upgrade your salads, or cooked vegetables, use some drops for dips or cooking pasta sauces and dare to add some to your saucepan to stir-fry meat…