Our Story


We are a small team of Greek people. We have family bonds with places in Greece but we have travelled, lived and worked abroad for long periods of time.

We have worked hard for years, so we decided to combine our learnings and marketing expertise with our extrovert feelings and  our passion for good food and Greece!


Food is nutrition and health.. It is a point of culture and expresses the traditions and values of a place..

Food is a friendship, a discovery, an adventure…

Food is taste, taste is enjoyment and fulfillment. 

Good food is passion. We have passion for Greece and passion for good food..

We would love to share Greece’s food treasures with everyone in the world with similar feelings  …


We created “Stories of Greek Origins” in order to promote worldwide the authentic food culture of Greece, the wealth of simplicity, the appeal of purity. We created this brand to sign the Exceptional Products from Greece